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MarketClub is a trading software that I use to trade stocks. It is one of the best trading software that I ever use and I’ve pick up so many profitable stocks using this system. The software comes with a bunch of features and I will focus on the ones that I use on a daily basis.

Stock Analysis
MarketClub uses a sophisticated triangle technology to analyze a stock. Each stock is giving a score from +100 (bull) to -100 (bear) so that you know whether or not you should buy or sell a stock. Let’s take a look at the stock LEN. The stock is rated with a score of +100 which is very bullish. Here is the analysis
“Smart Scan Chart Analysis confirms that a strong uptrend is in place and that the market remains positive longer term. Strong Uptrend with money management stops. A triangle indicates the presence of a very strong trend that is being driven by strong forces and insiders. Based on a pre-defined weighted trend formula for chart analysis, LEN scored +100 on a scale from -100 (strong downtrend) to +100 (strong uptrend).”
Every time I buy a stock, I always like to use their stock analysis service and check what’s the score for the stock that I’m buying or selling.

Trade Triangle
MarketClub scans the whole stock market and get a list of stocks with a score of +100. These are the stocks that are very bullish and usually are trending stocks. You can use the list for short term trading as well as long term investing. The stock list is updated simultaneously during intraday, so I can get the updated list and day or swing trade these stocks if I like to. You can also find stocks to short with MarketClub as the -100 stocks are also listed.

Stock Charting Platform
If you are looking for a premier stock charting platform, then you should definitely check out MarketClub. Here are some of the features that the platform offers.
1. Full size windows screen so that you can view the chart clearly.
2. You can easily draw Trend Lines & Fibonacci Retracement on the chart.
3. You can draw quarterly, monthly, weekly and intraday chart with this platform. You can also select custom dates to draw the chart
4. Comprehensive build in technical indicators and oscillators that you can use.
5. Trade Triangles on the chart - each triangle indicates selling and buying signals generated by the MarketClub software. You can draw daily, weekly or monthly trade triangles on the chart base on what type of traders you are.
6. Bar Chart / Candlestick Chart / Graph Chart - You can draw different types of chart for your preferences, bar chart, candlestick and graph chart are available.
7. Zoom In / Zoom Out - You can zoom in or zoom out on the chart so that you can view the chart as big as you like or as small as you like.

Free Stock Market Education
There are a bunch of workshops that MarketClub offers from world class traders and investors. The topics include Day Trading, Money Management, Stocks, Psychology, General, Indexes, Options, Forex and Futures. They are available in audios and pdf format that you can download. Here are some of the topics that you can learn.
A Little Keltner, a Little Wyckoff, and a Lot of Street Smarts
Avoiding Trading Mistakes
Back to the Future: Taking Schabacker’s Principles of Trading into the 21st Century
Building High-Performance Trading Systems: What Works and What Doesn’t
Building a Mechanical Trading System from the Ground Up
Controlled Trading
Cycles and Oscillators
Developing the Psychological Trader’s Edge
Does a “Holy Grail” Really Exist … and Should You Look for it?
Elliott Wave Theory for Short Term and Intraday Trading
Five Basic Trading Patterns and their Application to the Markets
Following the Trend in Any Market or Time Frame
Futures Strategies for Stock Traders
How to Lose Money Profitably
Intraday Timing for Low Risk Swing Trading
Mechanical Timing Systems: The Key to Consistent Profits and Sharper Trading
Offensive and Defensive Strengths of Stocks, Groups and Sectors
Precise Planetary Timing for Stock Trading
Proven Swing Trading Strategies and Multiple Time Frame Analysis
Reducing Risk Using Cycles and Oscillators in the Futures and Stock Markets
Researching Your Trade
Rocket Science for Traders
S&P 500, The Ultimate Day Trading Vehicle
Sabotage Traps
Self-Managed Trading with Stochastics
Seven Techniques to Improve Performance
Short Skirt Trading, the Most Bang for the Buck in the Least Amount of Time
Slump Busting Techniques
Staying Out of Trouble Trading Currencies with Channels
Strategic Analysis and Trading Tactics
Sun Tzu and the Art of War for Traders
Swing Trading and Short Term Price Patterns
TechnoFundamental Trading
The 200% Model: Investing for Inner and Outer Prosperity
The Decision-Making Process and Forward Testing with Price, Volume, and Direction
The Janus Factor
The McClellan Oscillator and Other Tools for Predicting Market Directions
Time, Price and Pattern
Trading Techniques to Buy Bottoms and Sell Tops
Trading the Pankin Strategy for 30% Annual Gains and Low Risk
Using Fundamental Data in Technical Analysis
Using Money Management to Improve Your Trading Performance
Value Investing: King of Trading Methods in the Commodity Markets
Weekly/Daily, Daily/Intra-Day - Energy Patterns

Trade Alerts
You can setup trade alerts that you can receive in your inbox. Here are some of the options you have.
1. Price Break Out/Price Break Below
2. New Daily/weekly/Month Trade Triangles
3. Charts that show positive scores
4. Stocks making weekly, 3 week 4 week or 52 week highs and lows
5. Stocks that are showing strong trending patterns when 10 day moving average is above 20 day moving average and 20 day moving average above the 50 day moving average. (10dma > 20 dma > 50 dma). You can pick up profitable trending stocks with this alert.
6. Stocks that are showing very weak trend patterns. 10dma < 20dma < 50dma. If you are shorting stocks, you can pick up profitable stocks to short with this alert.

My Review
I have been using MarketClub for over 4 years and it is the best software that I’ve ever use. I’ve pick up many profitable stocks through the use of their trade triangle technology and some of the stocks went up as much as 100% . The only drawback is the system sometimes give a delay signal on stocks so that I can’t get in at the best price. However, this is actually not a bad thing as it is always safer to wait for confirmations and it is impossible to get in at the lowest price on every trade for any trader.
For a trading software as powerful as MarketClub, you may thought the price must be really expensive. It isn’t, you can now try out MarketClub for only $8.95.
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