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Google vs. Facebook - Which stock should you own?

I have repeated many times in this blog that Google and Apple is the only two stocks that I hold for long term. Every time Google or Apple trade lower, I load up more shares. How about Facebook? I don’t like facebook at all because their product is not unique even though they have 845 million active users. They are many other social networking sites like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, POF and other dating sites that are similar to Facebook in nature. However, there is only one Google. Neither Microsoft or Yahoo is able to build a better search engine than Google. Google will be the king of the internet for many years to come unless some other company can come up with a better search engine. Facebook has lost almost half of its value since its IPO 2 months ago. Google looks like it has potential to go up to $1,000, but at $631 I would wait for the stock to pull back a little for an optimal entry price before loading up more shares.

Here are the stock charts for Google (GOOG Instant Analysis) and Facebook (FB Instant Analysis), decide for yourself which stock you should own.


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